Make a Payment

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There are several ways to make your payment:

In Person: 

We would love to see you.  You are welcome to stop by any location and make a payment.

By Mail:

You may mail your payment to the North State branch that originated your loan–please do not send cash.

By Phone: 

You may make your payment by calling your local branch or using the PaymentUs payment processing number #844-334-8475. A convenience fee may be charged for this service.


You may make your payment online using any of the links. We only accept debit cards and e-checks using a third-party service provider, PaymentUs.  PaymentUs may charge a fee of $7.95 for each individual payment of up to $1500.  The fee covers payment handling and processing charges. North State Acceptance does not receive any part of the fee.  If using PaymentUs be sure there is enough money in your account to cover your payment with us as well as the PaymentUs convenience fee.  If there are not enough funds to cover both, it could result in the bank placing a hold on your funds.

PaymentUs- One time only payment  A quick one-time payment method.

PaymentUs-Monthly or Recurring Payments  A customer portal for each month and allows recurring payment setup.

Use MoneyGram to make a payment to your North State branch be sure to get a receiver code from your loan-originating branch for proper posting.

*Please note to avoid any convenience fees you may walk into any local branch or mail your payments to the address listed on your welcome packet.

If you have questions about making a payment or are unable to make a payment, please contact your North State branch.